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View the latest post Out with the old in with the slaughter of many many orcs.

With the release of a new expansion, the forum will be cleaned / pruned / blown-up :mrgreen:

So now is the time for 2 things:

  • Wiping of forum sections and posts that are out of date or not needed anymore.
    So if you have things you want to keep, reply to this post and we'll keep it safe ;)
  • New stuff, since i'm rebuilding the forum (been slacking on versions and such) i can also create new things that would be handy or are needed on the forum.
    Again, post your ideas.

Also small warning, the forum might break at times (scrap the "might" it just will :lol: ) so reload if you get a pesky error screen ;)

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View the latest post Hellscream's Downfall

Siege of Orgrimmar 14/14 HC


It was hard, it was frustrating, it was even terrible, but we did it! Garrosh HC is finaly dead! We spent a lot of time on this boss, but there is nothing better than the final result :D Good job to all our raiders for this amazing performance :)
Remember we're always looking to strengthen our roster!

PS: Here is the happiest player from the kill -Belttor, kissing the camera :lol: :lol:


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View the latest post Chomp Chomp

Siege of Orgrimmar 11/14 HC 25


Thok was easier than we thought, after spend a couple of hours on him, he died last night, on our first full raid on him. The last so-called "easy" heroic mode is now completed. We got the 3 bosses that everyone agrees are the hardest left, but we are ready to kill them nonetheless.
Good job to everyone involved in the kill, stay tuned for more and remember that we're always recruiting to strengthen our roster!

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View the latest post To the Looter Go the Spoils!

Siege of Orgrimmar 10/14 HC 25


Unfortunately we didn't have a whole lot of looters tonight; all but one item went to disenchant or offspec.
The important thing however is that all the heroic boxes were finally opened to bring us to 10/14hc in SoO - and it was on the famous last pull of the evening as well. Killvid here below. You can find all our videos so far here.

Next monster in line will be Thok.

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View the latest post Malkorok down!

Siege of Orgrimmar 9/14 HC 25


Malkorok was our 9th kill and the first real challenge in the instance, meaning a boss that wouldn't die in 1-2 nights.
We had constant progress on him since last week, however any mistake would usually lead into a wipe so we had to spend a lot of time on him. After a couple of 2-3% wipes on Thursday it was obvious a kill was within our reach, so we came back and got it tonight.
Props to everyone involved, Spoils of Pandaria coming up next!

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